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A day of firsts

It’s the first day of spring.

Anyone that follows me on facebook knows I have been looking forward to planting again and the passing of cold.  Secretly, I will miss the snow glittering pass the street lights in the evenings as the town looks so peaceful.  It was just the cold feeling that bothered me.  Having lived in Florida and the deserts of Arabia growing up, I’m some what of a sun loving, heat person.  I use to make fun of the tourists that would come to Florida in November or January complaining about the cold.  What goes around, comes around….

Speaking of tourists, today is the first tourist coming to shop my soap store.  Actually it’s a couple that are snowbirds moving back home to Ohio and are coming out this way to pick up a soap order – I am humbled!   While I told them everything is in construction, they still wanted to come.  They have bought from me for years and wanted to see our progress – now while I’m still humbled, I’m adding scared to the list.

Figuring it a day of firsts, I am going to be pouring my first batch of the new Vintage Valley Soap in honor of Dorothy Reese.  It is going to be lavender scented soap with a hint of ylang ylang and litsea essential oils.  It’s one of my favorite combination as it’s a calming, yet not an overly floral blend with a crisp, bright note (think lemon like) from the litsea oil.  I tried to think up something that would be traditional and positive as that is how I view this amazing powerhouse of a woman I never met.  I plan on having a $1 of every bar to go towards her scholarship fund.  If anyone know of something else regarding education that might be good, let me know.  I have one planned for the AV Tigers, but that’s another day!

And speaking again for firsts and the Vintage Valley soaps, the first check today goes to the Arcadia Valley Food Pantry!  You wonderful, soap loving people have purchased all 88 bars that made up the first batch of Mina Sauk Handmade Soap of which a $1 of every sales go to the pantry, That’s impressive to me as people purchased the soap without even seeing a picture of it on line for the longest time!  The Iron County Historical Society will receive $42 again because of you!  Consider this your internet back patting my friends – you all are WONDERFUL supportive people of my business and the causes I value.

So while it’s still frosty this morning, know that sunny warmer days are ahead and everyone reading this has a bright, happy future in my world!