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Dorothy Reese Handmade Soap


A couple of weeks back, I mentioned that I had made the new Dorothy Reese Soap and here it is!

Last month, I was asked by the Mina Sauk GFWC if I wanted to participate in their goody bag for their conference and was excited to do so. Plus, Lorelei Lee told me she would bake some apple muffins if I donated so there was no question – I wanted apple muffins!!   I have to say the response has been AMAZING to this soap!  I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support of my business. Crafting a soap based on such an important person from the Arcadia Valley and a person that many, many people personally knew was making me nervous as I really wanted to make sure I didn’t offend.  Dorothy Reese had many traits that I admire so I wanted her soap to be just right.

But besides being a handmade soap honoring an educator and gracious woman, it’s simply a really wonderful bar of fragrant lavender scented bubbles that is soothing to the skin. The essential oil combination is calming, yet not an overly floral blend with a crisp, bright note (think lemon like) from the litsea oil. It’s not your ordinary lavender soap and neither was Miss Reese!

Since this soap is dedicated to Miss Reese, it’s only fitting that $1 of every sale of this bar of soap goes to her scholarship fund.  If you are the golfing type, I’ll be donating gift baskets and other items for the AV Alumni Dorothy Reese Golf Tournament this coming July.

Again, thanks everyone for your support and encouragement as it means a lot.  I’m grateful to be able to live where we do and to create products based on this interesting and beautiful region, it’s people and events.  Next up? A soap for the longest running parade…

Thanks for reading,



For those interested in learning more about this remarkable woman, the Iron County Historical Society has book on her life and influence in the Arcadia Valley by Randal Cox called Dorothy Reese: Ironton/Arcadia Valley’s Cheerleader, Historical, Civic Leader and Teacher: A Tribute.  You can order it here, or stop by ICHS.

For those that are interested, the Dorothy Reese Vintage Valley ™ Handmade Soap is available currently at .  If you decide to order online and live in the Arcadia Valley, select the customer pickup option to avoid shipping.  I’ll send you an email when I have your order packed up.