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Year 1805

Year 1805

In the quaint days of 1805, a fine fellow named Ephraim Stout crafted his humble abode amidst the picturesque Arcadia Valley. A spirit of exploration, vivid smells, and comfort swirled amid the air as he established his place of solace. Allow us to pay homage to these times through a collection of sumptuous body care and home fragrance finds. Delight in the robust aroma of zesty orange, fragrant bergamot, warm clove, mysterious midnight orchid, earthy musk, supple leather, aged oak cask, and alluring patchouli. Indulge in the luxurious soak in our bath bomb, invigorating fragrance sprays, skin loving lotion, and gentle shea butter soap - be captivated by the wonders of yesteryears!

Year 1805 Handmade Soap

From$ 2.00

Year 1805 Body Lotion

From$ 4.50

Year 1805 Fragrance Spray

$ 6.00

Year 1805 Bath Bomb

$ 4.50

Year 1805 Wax Melt

$ 4.50

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