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Specializing in old fashioned vintage style lye and pine tar soaps along with country herbal balms and liniments, MoSoap® offers the products that many remember from childhood.  Made in Missouri with my grandmother's recipes, these are the real deal soaps from the 1940 & 50's.   Good lye soap for washing or poison ivy, smoky pine tar soap for dry skin and thick, sticky black salves for all sorts of things, that's what you'll find here with our MoSoap® line.  An American classic since 2001!

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Packaging for Basic Lye Soap by MoSoap
Basic lye soap - strong lye soap

Basic Lye Soap

$ 5.25
Packaging for MoSoap's Brown Lye Soap
Mild Brown Lye Soap with Sugar added for better bubbles

Brown Lye Soap

$ 5.25
Packaging for Gentle Traditional Lye Soap
MoSoap's Traditional Lye Soap

Traditional Lye Soap

$ 5.25
Packaging of Lil' Bits Country Soap
MoSoap's Lil Bits Pine Tar Country Soap

Lil Bits Lye Soap

$ 5.25
MoSoap Black Pine Tar Soap Fragrance Free
Fragrance free black pine tar soap by MoSoap

Black Pine Tar Soap Fragrance-Free

$ 5.95
Packaging of Black Pine Tar Soap with Eucalyptus MoSoap
MoSoap Black Pine Tar Soap with Eucalyptus Oil

Black Pine Tar Eucalyptus Soap

$ 5.95
Vegan Pine Tar Castile Soap Packaging
Fragrance free, vegetarian pine tar soap

Swedish Pine Tar Soap

$ 5.95
Packaging for Gentlemen Pine Tar Soap
Bar of Gentlemen Pine Tar Soap by MoSoap

Gentlemen’s Pine Tar Soap

$ 5.95

Patchouli Citrus Pine Tar Soap

$ 5.95
Pine Tar Shampoo Bar with Tea Tree Oil
Pine Tar and Tea Tree Shampoo Bar by MoSoap

Pine Tar Shampoo Soap

$ 5.95
Packaging for MoSoap's Olive Oil Soap
MoSoap Olive Oil Fragrance Free Soap

Pure Olive Oil Soap

$ 5.25
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