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Brown Lye Soap

My grandfather always called this soap, "brownie" due to it's color.  Old fashioned soap makers did not have access to exotic ingredients like coconut and palm oils as readily as we do today.  Old fashioned lye soap made with simple lard has a nice lather but not the big bubbly style that most of us enjoy today.  Back in the day, my grandmother would add sugar to her soap to help boost the lather.  There's a whole science on the use of carbohydrates (sugars) and creating soap but all she knew was that her grandmother would add a bit of sugar to increase lather and to add a hint of sweetness to the scent.

When adding sugar to raw hot soap, it tends to burn or somewhat caramelize which is what gives our soap it's unique brownish color.  The color will vary by batch due to temperatures in the room so you can expect a light tan to dark brownish color.  The same amount of sugar is used, but since I live in a 1905 hotel with lots a drafts, well sometimes it becomes colder than I even expect in winter so the sugar doesn't heat has high but that lather is great.

This is a great in between strength lye soap - a medium one.  Not too drying but will work ok with poison ivy (our Basic is best) and as a bath bar, it's good but not as moisturizing as our Traditional lye soap.

Free of fragrance and mild, this is a good everyday bar for average skin types.


4.5 ounce bar with paper wrapper

Ingredients: Lard, Water, Sodium Hydroxide and Sugar.



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