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Basic Lye Soap

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Next batch will be available to order on June 25th, 2022   

Looking for the lye soap that's great for poison ivy, washing clothes and really oily skin types?  You have found it here with MoSoap's Basic Lye Soap.  Formulated without additional moisturizing oils as a moisturizing soap would spread the poison ivy oil or make your clothes smell rancid over time - it is a "squeaky clean" feeling soap.

Unscented and perfect for the great outdoors as it's bio-degradable.  This is the soap that is great for laundry as no excess oils ensure laundry smells fresh for months.  Our Basic Lye soap is safe for using as a body bar but do realize it is VERY drying as it is pure soap with no excess oils to leave skin feeling moisturized.

Made with an old fashioned recipe of simply lard, water and lye

4.5 ounce bar with paper wrapper.

Ingredients: Lard, Water and Sodium Hydroxide.