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Celebrate National Trail Day: Being a part and sharing the joy!

Celebrate National Trail Day: Being a part and sharing the joy!

June 1st is National Trail Day and I thought that it's a great time to kick off all the awesomeness of our region. To celebrate, the Arcadia Valley Soap Co became a lifetime corporate member of the Ozark Trail Association plus I'm having 10% off on Shepherd Mountain Trail Soap and Current River Soap! So go out on the trails, get your heart pumping with some exercise and clean up with some all-natural handmade soap while you are at it!

Ozark Trail Association

The Ozark Trail Assocation (OTA) is located up in Potosi, MO about 25 miles aways from us here in Ironton. I recently met one of their volunteers last week who stopped in the shop. We had quite a talk about trails, maintenance and people. It really gave me an insight to all the work behind the scenes. It's easy to find lovely, maintained trails, but it took a lot of hard work to make it so.

If you every wonder where your support of my soap shop goes, well it usually goes right back to our local community, or I do my best to keep it in the State of Missouri. This is just one of the ways I feel I can give back for all the support you give me in my little handmade soap business. I am grateful to spread the joy!

Try to make some time to venture out if you can and enjoy all the hard work of these amazing volunteers that work so hard to create such lovely views for us to enjoy - even if it's just browsing the pictures on the OTA website or Facebook page!

 The Importance of National Trail Day

National Trail Day isn’t just about enjoying these beautiful paths; it’s also about recognizing the efforts of the Ozark Trail Association and other organizations that maintain and protect our trails. Their tireless work ensures that generations to come can enjoy the natural beauty we sometimes take for granted. So why not give back? Volunteering for trail maintenance or simply practicing Leave No Trace principles can make a huge difference. 

Embrace the Adventure

So, whether you’re planning a solo hike, a family outing, or a volunteer day, let’s make this National Trail Day unforgettable. Embrace the adventure, cherish the trails, and share the love of the outdoors with others.

And don’t forget to grab your handmade soap with a 10% discount to celebrate this special day. It’s a small way to bring a piece of the wilderness into your home and support the trails we all adore.

Happy National Trail Day, and see you outdoors!