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Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

I'll be direct - it's rare that we do sales.  Our business plan is more about steady sales throughout the year with reasonable pricing, then higher pricing throughout the year with massive markdowns at the end of the year.  It's not for everyone but it's how I like to work. 

Back in the 1980's (ouch that's a while ago), I worked in retail at a large department store in Colorado, The Denver Dry and it truly made me dislike this weekend.  The mass shopping was just not pretty except for the company's bottom line.  As employees, it was not fun and not something any of us looked forward to.  Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time and all it seemed to boil down to was "how soon does the mall open to buy stuff". 

Over the last 20 years selling soap, I have been blessed with steady business throughout the year so there's never been the need to "make the year" in 2 months.  The winter holidays for me are about limited edition products and specialty soaps that come out only once a year.  So that is why you will not find bargains on traditional Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  Shanda and I started putting Christmas soaps out earlier than usual because many people asked as they wanted to ship early.  But really, I don't have the store crazy decorated and the outside is not all lit up until later this week.  We just wanted to be mellower this year and it's worked out well it seems for all of us!  Thank you : )

If you follow the blog, you saw previous post for Winter Wonderland and knew we were having a sale for Ugly Sweater on Black Friday.  I didn't say anything on social media to remind people only a banner on the home page of the website and guess what, people found it! 

So again, thank you all for being so amazing throughout the year.