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Valley Rose Handmade Soap

Along the entrance to the Iron County Courthouse is a flower bed filled with roses.  When these queen of flowers are in blooms and the wind is just so, you can smell these lovely pink and red roses all the way up to our soap shop. 

Wish to be surrounded with the fragrance of fresh cut roses?  This luxurious handmade soap is for you.  Loaded with 20% Shea butter along with organic olive oil and organic coconut oils, skin feels pampered and smells, well like roses.  What more could you want for a humble bar of soap?

Each artisan bar of soap is slightly different in swirl pattern.  Please rest this soap on a soap dish when not in use due to the high glycerin content of handmade soap.

 4.5 ounce bar
Ingredients: Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut,  Shea Butter, Castor Bean, Fragrance Oil and Mica/Oxide Colorants
Does not contain formaldehydes or phthalates.

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