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Nothing but empty shelves...


 Originally published Sept. 24, 2014

Iron Co. CourthouseEveryone it seems around our little town is preparing for the influx of the 150th Battle of Pilot Knob this weekend.  People from across the country are descending to participate in this re-enactment of the battle.  Soldiers (I have heard) are going to be marching from Fredricktown 20 miles to Ironton on Saturday, where fighting took place at Ironton County’s historic courthouse on Main Street.  One of the first soaps I designed for the Vintage Valley collection was Mint Justice that commemorates this event.  Then on Sunday, the Battle of Pilot Knob at Fort Davidson will take place with cannon fire, horses and men fighting.  Just last week I designed a “soap on a rope” style cannon ball tribute for the Fort Davidson battle and had not taken pictures yet.

Well, the battle hasn’t even started and I am out of soap.  One of the families that is camping out for the weekend had heard about my soaps and asked to stop by.  Within 30 minutes, one tiny woman with very large shopping bags walked out of my shop.  I write this post not to brag about my soap business, but to write about trusting everything will work out ok.  As many of you know, I had planned to have the 119 building open but have had troubles with the doors.  The first set arrived with broken glass and when a new set came they were the wrong size – my fault.  I was beyond upset.  After placing a new order to have the doors here by the Battle of Pilot Knob, the company put the wrong glass in and had to rebuild another set, hence taking more time.  I found out today that the doors will arrive around Oct. 3 so I will not have a front door until then.  Once again, I could not figure out why I was having problems with getting the doors.  Now, I can look at the situation and realize that one person came and cleared me out so having doors really didn’t matter.  All this gives me more time to finish up the store and I’m making headway on window glazing.  Thank goodness I use to work at a pastry shop as glazing isn’t that much different than working with buttercream or fondant.

Peaceful Valley Handmade SoapThe Immanuel Lutheran Church over in Pilot Knob will have a supply of Peaceful Valley Soap and all sales at their location goes directly to them – so take a FREE WAGON RIDE from Fort Davidson to the quaint little church, learn about it’s part as a Civil War hospital and buy some soap!

I really appreciate the kindness of my neighbor Bert LaPlante for offering me space in her shop, Bert’s Corner.  I was thinking of taking her up on it but other than some Dorothy Reese soaps and pine tar soaps, I’m out.  So if you have placed an order with me for customer pickup, know that I will be here and have your order ready.

I’ll reopen again with Arcadia Valley Soaps later in October for Fall Festival.  I better have the 119 shop open as I placed an ad with the Mountain Echo!