Red Clover Salve

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Dry tired feet and hands love this all purpose herbal balm!

Each spring I pick the red clover, yarrow, calendula and much of the lavender that goes into this product from right out of my garden. By infusing these herbs into rich castor oil and blending it all with beeswax, a soothing dry skin treat is created that has a greenish color. I use so much red clover that people told me I should change the name, so I did! The addition of lavender and tea tree essential oil help to give this herbal balm it's fresh scent.

Enjoy daily on dry hands and feet or anywhere your skin needs a little extra attention.

3.5 ounce amber glass jar

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Bees Wax, Red Clover, Yarrow Herb, Calendula Herb, Lavender Herb, Essential Oil of Lavender and Tea Tree, and Vit. E

Red Clover Salve

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