By Brand

By Brand

One of the things that surprises people the most is when they come to our shop in Ironton, Missouri and see so many different kinds of soaps and body care products.  For the first time most of the brand names I work under; Arcadia Valley Soap, MoSoap and Botanical Earth are all in one place on the web.

Botanical Earth - All natural vegan products handcrafted only with essential oils and natural colorants like herbs and clays, was my first business in Missouri which started in 2001.  These products reflect all that I love: eco-friendly, natural and fresh.

MoSoap evolved 6 months later due to requests for old fashioned soaps that I could not make under the Botanical Earth name.  My grandmother's recipes along with many recreated historical style soaps are available under this brand like lard soap and pine tar soaps.  These products reflect my love of family, history and old fashioned ways.

Arcadia Valley Soap Company came into being 2012 when my husband and I moved to Ironton. Our little town has so many amazing people and places plus with my love of history, well I had to make soap to reflect my new environment!  AVSoap is a happy blend of all the best of Botanical Earth and MoSoap with a whole lot of crazy thrown in like beautiful swirls and sparkle but all made with finest of ingredients.  These products reflect all of my experiences and knowledge, so after 40+ years of making soap, this is what you find

I hope you enjoy them!