Happy New Year 2019

Thank you all for an amazing year this past 2018!  The last few months at the shop have been a blur and I am grateful for some extra sleep for the start of 2019.  A lot was great but some parts were just plain lousy in 2018 for personal and business.  My hopes for this coming year is to standardize more and streamline shipping.  Shipping has always been my biggest problem, or is it that I don't have enough product always in stock, well I hope to resolve both issues this year.  

For quite a while now it has just been one person working at 3 different soap businesses - me.  Each business has a life of it's own and a whole plethora of products not counting private labeling and custom work.  With 2019 starting, I have officially hired a wonder woman named Shanda to deal with the shop, this leaves me with the 2 other websites and making all the product.  I can't give up delegating manufacturing yet as I am a control freak.  That's the reason also that I do not wholesale.  See my products in a sale bin at some general store is horrifying for me when I can sell everything at full price online or in my store.  Sorry I went off on a tangent there.....anyway.  With the addition of some upgraded equipment and a more structured work day, I think things will be better.  They have to be as this year we open the microbrewery two doors down the street.  I am becoming the queen of suds!!

Rehabbing questionable structures has become my passion, even more than soaping.  There's just something about taking something left discarded and uncared for, knowing it's potential and making it function and serve it's original purpose again.  Certainly a lot of the phoenix raising from the ashes sort of thrill.  Not always pretty at first, unquestionably painful in the transition but so worth the effort thus far.  It's my joy for some reason in the last 7 years.  I guess I could become quite philosophical about all of that and talk how it relates to my life but we won't go there on a soap blog : )

So on that happy thought, happy new year everyone!  Thank you as always for your support of small business and handmade products.  Big hugs all around!