Change is in the Air!

Change is in the Air!

Greeting my wonderful handmade soap friends!

It's been a crazy and wild ride this summer for me.  Upfront, I apologize for the lack of communication for those who have been kind enough to order and then wondered where their orders went.  The world sent me a trifecta of blows that I have been slow to recover from.

So moving right along, I want to thank my non-related, sister in arms Shanda Martin for holding down the soap shop while there was barely anything available.  The website has limited products listed for the next few weeks. Internet orders are my priority right now and I will be shipping over the next few days.  Sorry if you needed them sooner, but it just couldn't happen.  As was written about me in a blog post many years ago (before the "Valley"), I don't like making soap when my soap light is low.  You can read the article here on Hogsalt  which will open a new window in your browser.

The SOAP SHOP IN IRONTON IS  OPEN Thursday thru Saturday 11am to 7pm where you can complain about me to Shanda, and find new products she has made for the shop!

There will be some changes moving forward. I will be deleting our Facebook Page this month, August 2019.  You will be able to follow updates and new product launches on this blog and our newsletter. I am going back to my true artisan roots of indie advertising that I did 20 years ago,  I've been working on an infrastructure of marketing for a very long time with the microbrewery and other businesses opening soon that is all about being off the beaten path.  I believe there are better ways to do business and communicate than what is the norm now.  

The soap business has achieved so much but this year has been exciting plus exhausting and I am grateful to all that made it possible;

  • Third year for Best of the Parkland 2019
  • Arcadia Valley Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year 2019
  • Being on selected for a Regional Tour stop with a world wide tour organization, Country Travel Destinations.  Having my little soap shop in my little town listed among the tours offered going to Europe and Asia has been quite fun!

Going forward, I hope to continue to earn your support, provide you with quality handcrafted products, and prove that small business can do amazing things!

Thanks for reading,