Best of the Parkland 2019

Every year the Daily Journal Newspaper based in Farmington, MO does a contest for Best of the Parkland.  It helps draw a huge amount of attention to local area businesses like mine, and there is no charge or required advertising.  They do it to help their community business which is quite generous and kind.

This year, 2019 had more listings for Specialty Shop in our Arcadia Valley region.  It's tough when you are listed with friends that have wonderful shops like Cedar House (just went shopping last week there!) and my favorite plant shop anywhere in the Parkland - Green Thumb Plants, where I just bought flowers today for my fence.  Actually I thought Green Thumb Plants HAD won and congratulated Mr. Profitt.  On the printout I saw it said 1st runner up, and I only saw 1st....someday I may make it through the day without embarrassing myself and should wear my glasses more.  But honestly, I think he  should have won before the soap shop.

So thank you, all of you lovely, wonderfully supportive soap fans!  There are days I ponder why I have a storefront as it is so much more work than simply the internet but then you all do something like this!  It's quite humbling to be listed for the 3rd year in a row.  The exposure from the contest sponsored by the Daily Journal always has helped my business and I am very grateful to them and all of you for your support of small, independant businesses.

You can check out all of the businesses in their categories with the online version of the Best of the Parkland 2019 at 

Best of the Parkland 2019 Arcadia Valley and flip through to find everyone.

Best of the Parkland 2019 Arcadia Valley Soap Co!