Sep 1st 2018

A day of firsts

It’s the first day of spring.Anyone that follows me on facebook knows I have been looking forward to planting again and the passing of cold. Secretly, I will miss the snow glittering pass the street lights in the evenings as the town looks so peacef…

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Aug 31st 2018

Cleaning Copper Pots

First post 7/8/2014As we work on fixing the shop at 119 S Main, I am also starting to pull together some of my display items. One of the items for the windows is my great, great grandmother’s washing tub which is all copper. There’s a long story be…

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Aug 1st 2015

Basic Handcrafted Soap Facts

So what really is “handmade soap” or “handcrafted soap”?I can only give you my definition as many soap makers or cosmetic manufacturers have their own view. It’s a lot like baking a cake, in my opinion. Do you use a box mix, or do you start from scr…

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